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Let's Talk For A Change

We Are There For You

With Caring Conversations, you will no longer walk the path alone! 


A unique initiative, Caring Conversations is an online support group for patients with lung diseases, their families and caregivers!


Caring Conversations aims to create awareness & educate on a variety of informative topics and tips; all aimed at improving your health & quality of life, so that you can live your life, the way you want! 


Don’t let your lung disease stop you! Caring Conversations provides an opportunity to meet fellow patients, share stories of courage and to overcome challenges together!


Born out of a deep desire to bridge gaps in the healthcare system, this initiative by Dr. Mrinmayee Koltharkar , a Pulmonary Physiotherapist, CEO & Founder of The Pulmonary Rehab, aims to educate lung patients and help them find a way to live with their lung condition. Living with breathlessness exacts a heavy toll on lung patients, both physically and psychologically, and a lack of awareness makes these patients suffer alone. In her 16 years of experience, she noticed, that not having access to accurate information often kept these patients from receiving proper Rehabilitation.


“Most patients spend their life thinking that they are alone in this journey” says Dr. Mrinmayee. “They go through all their suffering alone, because they have no place to speak up about their problems and find solutions to the same.” 


Realising the necessity of providing a stage for addressing the needs of these patients, Dr. Mrinmayee set up the Caring Conversations, an online support group not only for patients but also for their families & caregivers. Support groups are of immense help, knowing that there are others with similar conditions. “We want to present a platform where patients with lung conditions can receive guidance on all aspects of their Rehabilitation, and a safe zone where they can interact about their challenges and find solutions to the same.” 


Caring Conversations aims to give lung patients, the hope that they can live on their own terms and not let their breathlessness take away their zest for life.


Pulmonary Physiotherapist  I  Researcher  I  Speaker

M.P.Th., B.P.Th., M.I.A.P.

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