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I did 8 weeks of P. Rehab program under the able guidance of Dr Mrinmayee The well thought out sequenced program kept the interest and enthusiasm going. It made me cope with my breathing disability with positive mindset, and gave me an overall feeling of well being. It is a good program and will benefit those who wish to live with dynamism. - C. L. Gupta

Condition before joining Pulmonary Rehabilitation session was as follows, I was unable to perform my day to day activities like shaving, shower, walking and other minor activities because of breathlessness. I have successfully completed 24 sessions and there is marked improvement in my day to day activities. I hope to achieve more by continuing the exercises taught to me by Dr Mrinmayee. - Seshan Iyer 

The Rehab program has given me lot of confidence and changed my outlook not only towards daily exercises but also to the way I do my daily chores. I, being an asthmatic was never too keen on pursuing exercises especially cardiovascular exercises which I thought would be nearly impossible for me. However, the Rehab program completely changed my outlook. I had never stepped on a treadmill, nor had worked my way on the gym station. But the Rehab program cleared my inhibitions towards exercises.

The Rehab program was very comprehensive and patient specific. Dr. Mrinmayee gave personal attention to my exercise regime and helped me shed fear of workouts. My post-rehab PFT report compared to the pre-rehab report clearly showed improvements. The ‘24 Sessions’ of the Rehab program will surely give me ‘24 Hour’ protection if I continue the exercises and workouts advised.

Lastly, I would like to conclude: The Rehab program did improve the quality of my life - Ankit Shah

Prior exercise course I was barely able to talk for 5 mins, Coughing bouts used to disturb me. Post exercises of 3 months course I’m now able to talk 15 mins and walk approx 20 mins continuously. Exercises have improved my Quality of Life - Kamla Menon

This program is too important for people like me who have had pulmonary challenges. Many people are there dying silently, struggling to breathe freely with none to turn only God as the last resort having taken all kinds of medication but in vain,just waiting for the worst to happen as most of these pulmonary ailments are chronic and progressive

Having met u online and introduced me to pulmonary rehabilitation, I now have hope of living a normal life and breathing freely after having numerous struggles with my breathing pattern. 

I can now sleep on both sides comfortably, do house chores 🚶‍♂️ a lengthy distance  and eat much food 😋  which wasn't the case before. My stomach would accommodate very small amount of food and then I become breathless with a  tight so grateful 🙏 


My experience with you has been great. U r so kind,patient and understanding.  I once visited a dr on a weekend in a public hospital after I had scary episode with my lungs;The dr asked me who told me that Dr's don't get tired 🙃 so as to work even on weekends, yet he was there.!!!!! The look he gave me couldn't allow me to tell him why I had gone to him.I just moved out *THANK YOU A BUNCH. May God pay you richly.

I would love to request you to do us more favor and create a platform for the pulmonary disabled (don't know  if its the right word )so that members can express themselves freely and share their experiences and opinions with one another 😊. 

I would also request for the creation of awareness about the avoidance of causes of pulmonary damage and how serious it is .

Then,including dietary habits and changes on this program i think would help a great deal 👍. 

Am sorry for the long mail and for asking for much yet yo work is voluntary. - Sauda, Uganda

“I came to Dr. Mrinmayee with a strong recommendation from a noted pulmonolgist. Being afflicted with multiple issues in my respiratory system  - including bronchitis and asthma, I was long reconciled to frequent prescriptions of antibiotics, steroids etc. as well as a restricted life-style. Under Dr. Mrinmayee’s watch, those episodes have reduced to a very large extent, my lung function test readings have greatly improved and I feel so much healthier. A holistic customized therapy regime with just a right combination of engaging, motivational, positive and disciplinary attitude are what I find niche with Dr. Mrinmayee.

Customized, well articulated, explained and demonstrated, following up and ensuring am doing things correctly and monitoring my recovery. All with a very humane touch.

This program made a very positive life style change for me. Helped me heal naturally in a very practical and doable mode. Highly recommend it. Absolutely great and extremely helpful. Thanks, Doc!! - Meenu Sarin​  

Since last few years chest is very clear. Else had to consume antibiotic frequently.Can do most Of my daily activities. Doctor has informed me to visit him as and when necessary. Last visit approximately 2 years ago. Intake of oxygen daily at night, Exercise taught to me in pulmonary rehabilitation, 2litres for few hours and walking with oxygen at home for almost an hour daily was a game changer. Pulmonary rehabilitation program has helped me a lot. Please do it sincerely and continue what is taught daily. Great. Took personal effort through out the rehab program session. Feels like we can look forward to her help any time if required. Just a phone call away. - Ajaykumar Kadangot 

The program was individually tailored as per each patients condition and complete attention was given to each patient since doctor to patient ratio was 1 : 1Just like we would take help of a CA for our tax planning, how can we not take help of a thorough professional when it comes to Pulmonary Rehabilitation.She would be the 1st one to come to my mind when it comes to Pulmonary Rehab. A Doc who takes utmost care of her patients and motivates them to over come their medical conditions.

Ankit Shah

My Mother being a known case of Lung fibrosis used to pant & struggle for oxygen post Bath & we had to provide her with oxygen supplement immediately. Post Exercises course when we met our Chest physician, He says her oxygen level is almost that of Normal individual & has reduced the steroid dosage. Medicine did help but Exercises changed her Life. She can not only talk comfortably but also go walking / shopping for half hour. She’s leading a normal life.

Sujata Hegde: d/o Sundari Shetty

My pulmonary Rehabilitation program was not one off type but was specially designed for me to suit my problems. 

In my opinion my Pulmonary Rehabilitation program has been designed after monitoring my condition for months and it perfectly suits me. I have been her patient for the last more than four years. I don't think I would have found a better Pulmonary Rehab Doctor. My treating doctor is also very satisfied with my progress. Excellent! She is very committed,  easily accessible and always willing to discuss and give as much time to the patient till he/she is satisfied. Ashoka Baijal 

I wasn't aware of such a program in the first place, but there should be more awareness about this rehabilitation. Then only more and more people can benefit from this rehabilitation program.

I always look forward to see Dr. Mrinmayee. It's better to take care of oneself in order that the condition of the lungs should remain stable. I would recommend this program to all those whose lungs are infected.

Dr. Mrinmayee is so patient and explains everything in detail.  I would love to interact more with her and benefit from this program. - Bala Raman

This Pulmonary rehabilitation program gave me my confidence back. I am a much more stronger, healthier and an independent person now. I carry out all my day-to-day activities efficiently and I modify my things accordingly taking all the necessary precautions. I'm a much stronger and a better person than what I was before. All credit goes to my rehabilitation and Dr. Mrinmayee Koltharkar. Yes, I would tell each and every person with any lung condition that they definitely should visit this Pulmonary rehabilitation program to make themselves stronger, more confident and independent with the right knowledge and exercises. My experience with Dr. Mrinmayee started from July, 2015 when I couldn't walk, talk when I met her for the first time at Hinduja. She induced immense confidence that time and after my third session I was a different person. I could internally feel the difference.After an entire course of 30 sessions, I started no longer feeling that I was a lung patient. I initially visited the rehabilitation thrice a week and then I continued to visit twice a week until the pandemic. The other days of the week except on sundays I used to and even now make it a point to do all my exercises at home. I absolutely hated to skip my rehabilitation. It was my second home especially with Dr. Mrinmayee. Dr. Mrinmayee has such amazing skills and her precision to ensure that her patients learn everything is remarkable. She would ensure that for the entire session she would be alongside the patient. She never left her patients alone. Arati Ashish Rangnekar

Dr. Mrinmayee knows her job well. She is systematic, motivated and factors in individual requirements and limitations while preparing and expanding the syllabus.

Gradual induction of new exercises while making each session a wholesome experience.

A highly competent, motivated and caring physiotherapist

Satnam Jit  Singh

Mom has Asthama for atleast 3 decades. Since we started the rehab, she has not had even one incident of Asthama attack or breathlessness. This goes a long way in showing how prevention is better than cure for lung ailments. Anyone who is suffering from any lung ailment, however small, must take on this program and continue it with discipline for good results. 

She is an excellent doctor, very clued on with her patients. They have a sense of security in working with her and they discuss all matters of health which gives a wholistic approach to lung rehab. 

Devi M Shah

Very satisfied with the thrapist. Made me more confident.

It is a very useful program for lung patients. I wish more awareness is created about it so people can take advantage of its positive effect in health.

Vijaya Murlidharan

The program on the whole was extremely beneficial to me during my time with the debilitating condition. Dr. Koltharkar is extremely patient and an extremely professional therapist. I wish her all the best. 

Dr. Mrinmayee is a very dedicated and a thoroughly professional therapist. She ensures that the patient receives the best of care. She is the best at what she does. I wish her all the best in the future. 

My experience with Dr. Mrinmayee was extremely positive and satisfactory. I would strongly recommended her to anyone wishing to avail of Pulmonary Rehabilitation. 

Tushar Kataria 

Post Exercise course, my steroid dosage has reduced and I can now go for Abroad Trips that too independently! - Deepika Mankame

Helped my mobility to a large extent. Dr. Mrinmayee is the best physiotherapist I have worked with. 

Sanjjeev R Baid

To see remarkable improvement - Yash Bhatia 

All Covids with lung involvement should do it. - Saleem Naik

It’s a must for all patients with lung issues. - Jimmy Gandhy

Dr Mrinmayee is very good at her job. She has helped me tremendously. I would recommend to anyone who needs exercise especially for lungs. Jishnu Sen

Post Exercises sessions I now feel Comfortable & Confident person.  My daughter says Mummy you look very Energetic!

- Jayshree Parikh

My ability to breathe in and out improved. I strongly recommend Pulmonary Rehab for all asthmatics or any other lung disorder.She is excellent!! - Surendra Somani 

My Oxygen level used to drop till 83% Post exercise course of 36 sessions it  now drops to 91%. To maintain oxygen levels one should follow exercises regularly - Vasudev Nabar

It helps me to improve my lungs capacity . You must try if its is helps to live positively. Excellent.....she takes care of her patients like family 

Shrijal shah

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