* Post COVID Fibrosis, Lung Fibrosis, Interstitial Lung Disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Asthma, Bronchiectasis & various other lung diseases are rising at astonishing rates.

When you’re living with lung disorder, everyday activities such as walking or climbing stairs can get harder. That’s where pulmonary rehabilitation comes in - to help your lungs and heart work better.

We will help you to:


  • Improve your quality of life 

  • Reduce breathlessness

  • Reduce dependency on oxygen

  • Increase your functional capacity

  • Increase your physical strength

  • Improve the distance you can walk

  • Increase your confidence and ability to cope

  • Boost immunity

  • Keep you out of hospital

  • Live better with your lung condition


Do more things without becoming short of breath. YES IT IS POSSIBLE !




Pulmonary Physiotherapist  I  Researcher  I  Speaker

M.P.Th., B.P.Th., M.I.A.P.

Dr. Mrinmayee Koltharkar has 14 years of extensive experience in field of physiotherapy.

Pursued graduation from D.Y. Patil Hospital


Merit holder in Masters of Cardio-Pulmonary Physiotherapy from KEM Hospital.


Joined as a Research & Pulmonary Physiotherapist in P.D. Hinduja National Hospital & MRC


Research Assistant to India’s best Chest Physicians Dr. Zarir Udwadia & Dr. Ashok Mahashur.


Conducted Pulmonary Rehabilitation research for ILD patients under guidance of Dr. Udwadia and co-authored the findings in American Thoracic Society.


Second research, Pulmonary Rehabilitation in COPD patients with Dr. Mahashur is in the process of presentation.


Pulmonary Rehabilitation Physiotherapist for first lung transplant in Mumbai.

International Speaker at workshops for Physicians & Physiotherapists.  


Chairperson of the Question Paper Setting Committee for Master of Physiotherapy program of NMIMS University.


Treating Pulmonary Rehabilitation Patients who are renowned Industrialists, Celebrities, Page 3 Socialites and Business Owners. 


Successfully managing Online Pulmonary Rehabilitation In ‘new normal’ era of Covid-2019, 


Passionate to improve quality of life of people who struggle to breathe.



My lung function test readings have greatly improved and I feel so much healthier. A holistic customized therapy regime with just a right combination of engaging, motivational, positive and disciplinary attitude are what I find niche with Dr. Mrinmayee. Thanks, Doc!!”

Meenu Sarin, Singapore

Surendra Somani

My ability to breathe in and out improved. I strongly recommend Pulmonary Rehab for all asthmatics or any other lung disorder. She is Excellent!!!

Bala Raman

"Dr. Mrinmayee is so patient and explains everything in detail. I  would recommend this program to all those whose lungs are infected"

Devi Shah

"I had Asthama for atleast 3 decades. Since we started the rehab, not even one incident of Asthama attack or breathlessness!"

Krishna Toprani

Go for it! Helps in maintaining your quality of life!

Chandra Barot

Dr.Mrinmayee is wonderful doctor. She really helped to control the condition and helped resume everyday activities 

Rajendra Somani

Dr. Mrinmayee is excellent. I am happy with the entire program

Arlene D'Souza

"Amazing she's really helpful and always there to guide at anytime of the day. The exercises were designed as per my body needs."

Aarti Rangnekar

"Gave me my confidence back! I am a much more stronger, healthier and an independent person now. All credit goes to Dr. Mrinmayee."

Ankit Shah

"She is the first one to come to my mind when it comes to Pulmonary Rehab. A Doc who takes utmost care of her patients and motivates them to over come their medical conditions."



*You will need a signed program referral or prescription from your doctor in order to participate in the

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program.



Get complete Peace of Mind and Better Health.

Breathe Better with us through:


  • Online Sessions (Live)

  • Video Sessions (Recorded)

  • Home Visits 

What is a part of the course?

  • Patient Education

  • Breathing Exercises & Pranayam

  • Aerobic Training

  • Strength Training

  • Flexibility Training

  • Other Customised Exercise Regimens

We also do:

  • Group Sessions

  • Corporate Sessions


Who Should Contact?    

  • Patients with a Lung Disease

  • COVID 19 Recovered Patients

  • Anyone with Breathing Difficulty, finding day-to-day activities are getting harder

  • Patients living with Oxygen Support 

it's time to

Inhale the future, exhale the past.






once the registration is completed, the next steps will be shared on email.

You would need to fill a form mentioning Medical details, and submit medical reports.

your health and well-being is

very important 

to us.